Grungy indie rock duo Turbo Widget channels classic groups like Led Zeppelin and The Doors while blending modern British influences such as Muse and Royal Blood.  Their self-produced debut EP “First Light” is out now! Turbo Widget’s bluesy riffs and catchy melodies create a signature rock sound.

About Turbo Widget’s Lyrics

   “Some of our lyrics such as ‘Calling’ come from dark places in our past and from frustrations with the current economic disparity in the world. We are constantly sold ideas that maintain the status quo. Instead of striving to improve the human condition, we become part of the human “rat” race. Competition is valued more than cooperation and it’s the negative of how it should be. When we were writing “Stardust”, there were some of the lyrics that were based on actual events from our lives. There were a large periods of our lives that were filled with violence, fear, and anxiety. It’s cathartic to transform some of those negative memories to push forward with momentum toward a brighter future.”

King & Dragon-Based on a real life touching story of friendship. King & Dragon is about two childhood friends. They actually did call each other King & Dragon. Dragon passes away far too young and King puts his dear friends ashes in small bottles (film canisters) and sends them with friends and loved ones to be spread around the world and even into space. As the chorus states "Take me with you when you go" would most definitely have been Dragon's last wish before passing on as they had dreams of travelling together.


   Turbo Widget consists of Ben and Kimberly Hanvy (Guitar and Bass respectively). The band based in St. Louis, Missouri came to be when in 2013 Ben and Kim Hanvy decided to start playing music together despite no prior musical instrument training.

  Ben who grew up in New Orleans singing acapella occasionally in church and apprenticed as a worship leader in his late teens. He was a refugee to the St. Louis following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He rebuilt his life in St. Louis working in eyeglass manufacturing where he met Kim. She sang in church as a child. Kim says she never had any interest in playing music until recently and so they picked up instruments and taught themselves.

 Turbo Widget’s studio drummer Danny Pica recently moved to St louis from Detroit and was previously the drummer of Detroit based alt-rock band Odayin. After winning many “Battle of the Bands” Odayin was awarded  "Local Band/Artist with the Best chance to go National" in Detroit Metrotimes Weekly's Best of Detroit 2010 issue.